Meet John Hursh

John Hursh grew up just outside of Lancaster City, and fell in love with the City during his teenage years. His passion for civic life, making meaningful connections with neighbors, and the diversity and culture Lancaster City offers is what motivates him to give back to his community.

John graduated from Penn State University with a B.S. in Accounting and Economics. He began his career as an Auditor at Grant Thornton, a large public accounting firm in Philadelphia. During the pandemic, John reflected on his career and decided to come home to Lancaster and seek employment that would have a greater impact on his community. He is currently employed as the Manager of Finance and Administration at the Lancaster County Housing and Redevelopment Authority, and is a Certified Public Accountant licensed in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

John lives in the Ross neighborhood and previously lived in the East Side. In the summer of 2022, John began an ongoing project placing chairs at bus stops in Lancaster to bring attention to the lack of seating and other basic facilities for people using public transportation. He hopes to serve on City Council to be a vocal champion of Vision Zero, as well as continue the City’s efforts to invest in workforce development, housing, and critical infrastructure such as our roads, water treatment, and stormwater facilities.

John would provide a unique perspective on a Home Rule Charter, should Lancaster choose to study and ultimately adopt one. His knowledge and temperament as a CPA, coupled with his lived experience as a working homeowner, would be instrumental in balancing the burdens of property and income taxes while maintaining the City’s existing services.

John also serves on the board of The Common Wheel. You may see him at public meetings such as the City Traffic Commission, City Council, and Northeast Neighbors United, as well as local small businesses, coffee shops, and restaurants.